Tracker Parts Sales Software

Some Tracker Point-of-Sale Features
  • Customer look-up by account number, customer name, partial customer name, telephone numbers or postal/zip code. Use as a rolodex to find customers phone numbers, address, etc.
  • Any number of open invoices or estimates. Estimates are easily converted to invoices and vice versa.
  • Part number inquiry: Enter a number and find out 'who' bought it when and on what invoice... then recall that invoice for all the information about the sale.
  • View invoices from the past. How far into the past? Only limited by the storage space available.
  • Instant 'single key' inventory inquiry from most input prompts.
  • Inventory look-up by part number partial part number, product group, location or description.
  • Ship To's: One time or store many ship to addresses for each customer.
  • Bill To's: Selling to a chain with central billing? Send invoice and statement to the 'bill to', and still record individual history for each branch or store.
  • If authorized the station user can add inventory and/or change prices, but not without the system recording that a change was made in pricing.
  • Back-orders and special orders. Back-orders can be 'filled' as part of any regular invoice with bo-invoice and customers po number referenced.
  • Part Numbers Of Up To 18 Characters plus a 4 Digit Product Group.
  • European Sort: Numbers, such as Volkswagens, are simply preceded with a period (.) and entered without dashes or spaces. The system then formats the number correctly so that a number entered as .111222333AD will become 111 222 333 AD and is grouped/sorted with the 222's.

Alternating Part Numbers
A complete 'interchange' facility. Have one or many 'Alternates' for each part number. When out of stock on the number originally called for, all 'alternates' are displayed with quantity and pricing for each alternate number for easy selection with the 'arrow' keys.
The original number can be automatically referenced on the invoice so the customer knows which number the alternate is substituted for.

Duplicate Part Numbers
No more 'add an X' or 'make it -1' to make part numbers unique. For items with the same part number - use the duplicate part number feature. Anytime a number is requested that has identical part numbers a 'window' will be displayed listing the product group, description, quantity and pricing of all items bearing the same part number.
A simple selection with the 'arrow' will get you the item you want.
This feature also works great for such items as tires: stock them with 'size' as the part number, then select from the window to sell the ones you have most of, or at least enough of.

Superseding Part Numbers
This feature can be used to go from an 'old number' to a 'current number' or as a method of automatic 'interchange'.

Several levels of CORE TRACKING, ranging from: assure customer is charged for the core to sorry the item was purchased elsewhere and we only accept core returns for items sold here.

Last Cost, Average Cost And Four Selling Prices For Each Item
  • You can set a 'desired' margin and let the system calculate any or all of the four selling prices, rounded to the next 5 cents, if you want.
  • You can set the system to calculate selling prices based on cost, list less a percentage, Jobber less, or?
  • Customers regular price can default to any price level or price level less a discount or cost plus.
  • Infinite pricing is available by product code, by customer. Individual item pricing is also available... by customer.
  • Global price updating by product group/vendor on any or all pricing levels.

Sales History & Lost Sales
  • Track Sales for: Month to Date, Last Month, Year to Date and Previous Year, as well as for a rotating 13-25 months period.
  • Tracks purchases, defective returns and LOST SALES. Lost Sales are tracked for 'normally stocked' items as well as 'asked for' items.

  • Sell kits at special kit prices, yet price it and deduct each kit component from inventory as a kit is sold.
  • Separate Sales History to record that an item was sold as part of a kit.

  • Complete purchase order control including purchasing from alternate vendors with 'that vendors' own part number.
  • Order in the correct multiples.
  • Unit conversion, order by the roll, sell by the foot.
  • Order by the case and sell by each.
  • Order by 'modem' if your vendor's computer can handle orders by direct telephone link or email.
  • Handles back-orders, trickle-in's.
  • Reports on cost variances, last cost and new cost of item.

  • A flexible and 'easy to use' report system allows you to set up any variety of reports for inventory or customer related information.
  • Reports can be printed by part number, by product group and part number, by location or by description. Reports can also be written to a file for external processing by Excel or other spreadsheet or management software.
  • Inventory Ranking reports, what sells most in each product group.
  • Product labels, shelf and item labels. Customer Mailing Labels and merge to Word Processing.
  • Flexibility - Single User & Multi User Versions of Tracker are available. Also for Multiple Locations.
  • Remote locations can be 'direct' connected to a common computer or each remote site can have its own computer that is updated nightly via regular telephone line to keep information synchronized between the master site and the remote location.
  • Software is easily upgradeable and your software investment is retained. All monies paid for Byte Designs software is credited to future upgraded versions.

Additional Features

Real Time

  • Byte Designs software is designed for a real time environment. That is to say quantity is 'reserved' as an invoice is entered -- line by line.
  • Accounts Receivable are updated 'immediately'. -- Inventory and Amounts owed by customers are always 'up to date'.
Import & Export
  • Import/Export facility allows you to transfer data from other systems to TRACKER or from TRACKER to your favorite spreadsheet.
Customer History
  • Keep track of customers purchases item by item or product group summary.
Serialized Inventory
  • Available as an option is a software version that will track serialized inventory. To find out 'who' bought it simply enter the serial number and the system will tell you who bought it when and how much it cost (your cost as well as selling price).
Sales Commissions
  • Reports are available by territory, sales person and counter person.
  • Selling through a 'rep house"? Track commissions for the rep house as well as its sales people.
Technical Features
  • Password Protection -- Available for all menu selections as well as critical areas of the system such as Credit Hold and Manual Price Change at time of invoicing.
  • Fewer Keystrokes -- You only press as many keys as absolutely necessary.
  • Extensive use of 'arrows' and single keystroke selection of menu tasks.
Shipping -- United Parcel Service, Mail, or?
  • Fully integrated with Invoicing
  • Weights can be entered manually for each package or by electronic scale.
  • If your inventory contains 'weights', shipping charges are easily estimated while taking orders by telephone.
  • Easily 'personalized' for your site - by YOU.
  • Complete Zone/Charges Setup Programs
  • Easy to change when the rates do
  • No 'chip' to buy when the rates or zones change.
  • Print Shipping Label(s) -- Prepaid UPS, Mail, or?
  • Print COD Tag(s) -- Adds all charges, such as COD fees, insurance, etc.
  • Invoice amount is easily distributed for each package to reflect actual value of contents for COD's consisting of more than one package.
  • Optionally adds a handling charge.
  • Includes all handling and shipping charges right on the invoice on a single line titled by you.
  • Example: Shipping Charges or Shipping and Handling, or?
  • Prints UPS Manifest. -- Ship right up to pickup time.
  • Tracks Shipping -- 'Remembers' who the COD was for - when the check comes all you enter is the control number to call up the customer to apply the check.
  • Do away with bucket COD accounts - Each customer gets his/her own account number, with terms COD. Now you can finally track COD purchases with the same detail and accuracy as charge accounts.
Some technical notes:
  • Tracker Software is written in the 'C' language for top performance on most Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X  compatible computers. Multi-User versions of Tracker will require Windows Server 2003 or Mac OS X.
  • Source code may be purchased separately for Tracker.
  • TRACKER and other Disk Operating Systems:
  • SPECIAL ORDERS: Tracker can be made available for most other versions of the UNIX/Linux Family of operating systems. Please contact your representative or Byte Designs for further information.
Some Special Tracker Options:
These features are available, but optional add-ons to the Byte Designs Tracker Software System.

Live Internet eCommerce
  • Your products can be made available to the Internet in real-time, open to the public or restricted to authorized dealers. When an order is placed a pick-slip is automatically printed at your brick and mortar location. No re-keying of data.
United Parcel Service Worldship Integration
  • Use with UPS Worldship Version 9 to automatically import live to Worldship.
Federal Express Shipping Server Integration
  • Connect with Federal Express server software in real time while invoicing.
  • BdFax enables you to fax purchase orders and notes to vendors and customers directly from Tracker.
EDI - Electronic Data Interchange
  • Communicate with your suppliers and customers via Tracker EDI. The Tracker EDI module is fully automatic, you simply fill the orders in a normal manner, Tracker does all the EDI without extra entry.
  • EDI purchase orders are transformed by Tracker EDI to pick-slips as they are received.
  • EDI via email. Save the cost of third party communication providers. Use Email EDI as easily as regular email.